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Over Wyre Veterans Bowling League - 2021

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1.†††††††† The league shall be known as the Over Wyre Veterans Friendly Bowling League.

2.†††††††† The annual general meeting of league will be held during the month of January.

3.†††††††† The notice of motion to be discussed at the AGM shall be with the secretary 28 days before the meeting, to be distributed to the clubs, together with the statement of accounts and minutes of the last AGM 14 days before the AGM.

4.†††††††† The management committee shall consist of all the league officials, together with 4 representatives from the league appointed at the AGM.

5.†††††††† The age qualification for a player to be registered with the league shall be that he attains the age of 60 before 1 October in the season of registration.

6.†††††††† Any player to be registered must be a paid-up member of the club he represents and may only play for one club in the league during any one season.Where a club has two teams in the league movement between teams will be permitted where a captain finds that he has availability problems within his squad.A maximum of two players will be allowed to move between teams in any one match.Where the teams are in the same division the player will take his place in accordance with his aggregate for his normal team.In the case of teams in different divisions a player moving down will come in at the top of the aggregates and a player moving up will come in at the bottom of the aggregates.The player will retain his existing aggregate when he moves back to his normal team.

7.†††††††† Teams shall consist of 8 players, who must be registered by his club for a team. Any team should be fined with a 21-0 on the card, with a 21-11 on a playerís average if they fail to field a full team. If a whole team fails to turn up without reason then the non-offending team should be awarded maximum points for the match.

8.†††††††† In the event of a player not turning up by 3 Oíclock and after the captains have made the cards out. A reserve player can be included but he must go in on the card where the missing player was despite possibly having a different average, which would normally suggest otherwise.

9.†††††††† All players must be registered with the secretary.A player can be registered on the day of the match and may take part in the match with mutual agreement of the captains. The secretary must be informed on the scorecard.

10.†††††† Visiting teams should practice for 15 minutes prior to the start time normally 1.45-2.00pm and have exclusive use of the green. The home team should provide match blocks.

11.†††††† Each league game shall be 21 up and the visiting team always starts the match with the first throw of the jack.

12.†††††† Players shall be matched according to their current aggregate; such aggregate is to be shown on the match result card.

13.†††††† The home captain shall decide the provisional order of going on to play, after both teams are entered on the card.

14.†††††† In the event of an unresolved dispute concerning a scorecard the game shall be restarted from the last agreed end.

15.†††††† Result cards duly completed and signed by each captain shall be forwarded to the league secretary either by post or via the Internet within at least 4 days of the match. If sent via the Internet the captain must retain the signed scorecard for the duration of the season.

16.†††††† The match result will be decided by total aggregate score; 3 points for away win, 2 points for home win, 2 points for away draw, 1 point for home draw. 1 point will be awarded for each individual game won.

17.†††††† All matches are to be played as per the fixture list. No match may be re-arranged due to lack of available players.

18.†††††† Matches may only be postponed in cases of bereavement or inclement weather. Postponed matches have to be replayed within 28 days of the original fixture date. The day on which this should be played and the start time are flexible if agreed by both captains. The secretary has to be informed of all postponed matches on the same day and the dates for the rearranged match.

19.†††††† If a match is abandoned due to inclement weather, the match is to be replayed in its entirety. The match must still be arranged as per rule 18.

20.†††††† If it unfit for play the home captain shall inform the visiting team captain by 12.30pm and revise a date to the satisfaction of both captains and keep the league secretary informed.

21.†††††† In the event of a number of teams being level on points, wins and draws for leadership or relegation in the league table at the end of the season, the teams concerned shall play off on a neutral green selected by the management committee.

22.†††††† An agreed sum, fixed by committee shall be expended on the seasonís prizes, any addition there to be met by the winners concerned.

23.†††††† To qualify for the top average prize a player shall not have missed more than 3 home and 3 away games during one season.

24.†††††† Any prize winner not attending the presentation dinner shall forfeit their prize money. If in the opinion of the committee a justifiable cause is given for nonattendance the winner shall nominate a person from their team to collect the prize money.

25.†††††† Any objection to be put in writing to the league secretary of the offending club, also the league secretary with £1 for expenses. To be discussed by the management committee.




1.†††††††† Cup matches will be played using current averages, not turn of the card. But please note that score obtained during a cup match will not be added or taken from your current average.

2.†††††††† No practice allowed before cup matches. The first throw of the jack shall be shared alternatively.

3.†††††††† Captains will be given a team handicap prior to their first cup match. The secretary will give your handicap to you after the half way stage of the season.

4.†††††††† The better aggregate score following handicap will determine cup matches. In the event of a drawn aggregate the number of games won will determine the result. If both teams are still tied at this point each captain is to nominate three players for a play off. To determine who plays whom in the play off the captains will have to do to turn of card. The aggregate score of each three matches will be taken to determine the outcome. If this is also tied then the number of winners will be used.

5.†††††††† All cup matches will be played on neutral greens. If the presidentís team reaches the final the committee will decide where the final will be moved to, both finals will be played at the same venue.

6.†††††††† A player must have played at least two league matches in the season before being eligible to play cup matches.

7.†††††††† Teams must commit to playing their cup matches regardless of how many players they have available otherwise they will be fined £20.

8.†††††††† All scorecards for the cup matches shall be sent to the secretary in full, emailing just the final aggregate score will not suffice.



1.†††††††† All teams automatically have 2 players entered into the Presidents Day draw. Any player who does not turn up will be fined £20. The draw for this will take place on the second doubles day.

2.†††††††† The winner of Presidents day will be handicapped for the following year to play off scratch. Otherwise first division players have 3 on the card and second division players have 4 on the card.

3.†††††††† In the event of a player having a bye in the first round, a maximum of 4 ends of practice will be allowed.



A pro-forma will be sent out to all captains with regards doubles day entry. Captains are asked to submit the number of couples wishing to play. Failure to submit the form will result in a £20 fine.

*††††††††† The committee will make the draw 3 weeks before the first date of the doubles day.

*††††††††† The secretary will send out a £20 fine if a pair does not attend on the day. This must be paid by the end of the season.




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