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Lytham St.Annes Mens Bowling League - Monday - 2023

  • Last Updated. Friday 27th October 2023, 18:42
  • Latest League News
  • December 08, 2023
    2023 AGM - Voting results.
    Proposal 1 - The amendment proposed by Lytham BC to INCREASE the age limit from 55 to 56 in the VETS League was CARRIED by a large majority. Proposal 2 - The proposal to allow ladies to play in the Vets and Monday Night leagues was REJECTED by a large majority. Proposal 3 - The proposal to amend the individual merit points for an away win to 1 point for fixtures where the teams play each other 3 times was CARRIED by a large majority.

  • November 24, 2023
    AGM on 6th December - Proposed change to Proposal 1.
    In line with Rule 7, Lytham BC propose an amendment to Proposal 1 to INCREASE the age for the Vets League from 55 to 56 years of age. The current proposal is to REDUCE the Age to 50

  • October 27, 2023
    Proposed rule changes for discussion at AGM.
    Proposal 1 – Submitted by Ashton Gardens Bowling Club. Amend Rule 30: Veterans League. Reduce the Age Limit from 55 years to 50 years. Proposal 2 – Submitted by St Annes Ex-Service Bowling Club Amend Rule 9 to permit ladies to play in any of the Men’s leagues. i.e Ladies are already permitted to play in the Friday Evening Doubles league, extend this to include the Monday Evening League and the Veterans League. Proposal 3 – Submitted by the League Committee. Amend Rule 26: Merit prizes In any league where the fixtures are structured so that the teams play each other 3 times during the season, instead of twice, amend the points for an individual so that they only get 1 point for an away win. This is to eliminate the unfair advantage an individual has if they happen to play an extra away game.
  • End Of Season Summary
  • Div League Champions Runners up
    Div 1Freckleton 'A'Kirkham BC
    Div 2St Annes Ex-ServiceMarine Park
    DivMerit WinnerRunners Up
    Div 1 Mel Gilbert Kirkham BC Neil Stott Ashton Gardens
    Div 2 Joe Hibberson St Annes Ex-Service Derek Clarke St Annes Ex-Service
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