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1. The association is to be known as the ‘Over Wyre Men’s Bowling League’ and will be open to members of clubs accepted into the League at the Annual General Meeting.

2. The affairs of the league shall be governed by the management committee. No member of the committee may vote upon matters affecting his/her own club affairs. The outcome of any matter referred to the Management Committee for a decision, shall be determined by the majority of votes cast. In the event of a tie, the Chairman will have the casting vote.

3. An account shall be opened at the local branch of an approved bank or building society. All monies to be paid through the Hon. Treasurer, who shall submit a statement of accounts at the AGM and at any other time of request. All cheques must be signed by two of the League Officers.

4. Any club/team requiring affiliation to the Over Wyre Bowling League must make their application in writing/e-mail to the league secretary who will place such application before the next available AGM of the league. Voting on applications for new membership shall be in accordance with rule 7.

5. The League Management Committee will comprise of the President, Vice President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and one elected representative from each division.

6. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in January/February, at which the Officers of the League shall be elected. Alterations and additions to these rules shall only be made at AGM. Any club proposing alterations or additions must notify the Secretary in writing no later than 31st October, a copy of the addition or alteration must be printed on the notice convening the AGM. To become operative any alterations or additions to these rules require at least two thirds majority of the votes cast. Each team allowed one vote only. Any team not represented at the AGM will be subject to a £5 fine. Notice convening the AGM must be posted/e-mailed to each member team no later than the end of the preceding November.

7. Any club may request the League Secretary to call a meeting of the council. Such a request must state the nature of the business being brought forward and this shall be placed before the council who, if they consider it of sufficient importance, instruct the League Secretary to call a “Special General Meeting”. The notice shall state the nature of the business, and no other shall be transacted.

8. Any club may request the league secretary to call a meeting of the Management Committee. Such a request must be in writing/e-mail and must state the nature of the business being brought forward and this shall be placed before the Management Committee who, if they consider it of sufficient importance, shall instruct the league secretary to convene a Special General Meeting of the league. The notice convening a Special General Meeting shall state the nature of the business to be discussed, and no other business shall be transacted. Voting rules for a SGM shall be as rule 7.

9. Any team protesting against another team or player shall do so by a resolution passed by the Committee of the team making the protest. Accompanying the protest, a written statement of the facts must be sent to the League Secretary and an inquiry shall be instigated by the Management Committee. A copy of the statement must also be forwarded to the team protested against. Team members must forward any complaints to the League Secretary through their team captain or Club Secretary.

10. Teams must provide the secretary with a list of players to play in the team before the start of the season, if the list on the online bowls club zone is correct then there is no need to send a full list. Registration will be open during the season as long as the players playing haven’t played for another club during that season.

11. Matches to be played as per fixtures and no alterations shall take place without the sanction of the Management committee, except when extreme conditions make the green unplayable, and then the decision to cancel must be made by either the Green keeper or the home team captain. In the situation where a team has obtained the permission of the Management committee to rearrange a fixture, then the game must be arranged prior to the date stated in the fixture book. If a game is rearranged after that date, then at the end of the season 6 points will be deducted from the points of the team who requested the fixture change.

12. If any match is unfinished due to weather it must be replayed in its entirety. In the event of wet weather making the home green unplayable, the home captain must notify the visiting team captain no later than one hour before the match is due to commence.

13.  Postponed matches must be played on a day mutually agreed by both captains within 28 days of the postponed fixture, but not more than 7 days after the last schedule match for the League. The League Secretary must be notified of a postponed fixture immediately. If no date can be agreed within the 28 days, the Management committee will then select a date.

14. The number of players constituting a team shall be eight, and each game shall be 21 up. Standard jacks stamped with a current test date must be used. Only one throw of the jack is allowed to set a regulation mark. In the event of a scorecard dispute the game re-starts at the last place the scorecards agreed. Cards must be checked every five ends visiting teams to be allowed fifteen minutes practice immediately preceding the starting time. No home player may practice during the visitors practice time. Eight standard jacks must be supplied for the away team’s practice, four of which must be the match jacks.

15. Matches to commence at the time stated in the fixture books with the exception of teams with floodlights-who will start their home matches at the later start time.

16. Visiting teams to be allowed fifteen minutes practice immediately preceding the starting time. No home player may practice during the visitors practice time. Eight standard jacks must be supplied for the away team’s practice, four of which must be the match jacks.

17. On the first league game of the season players’ opponents are decided by 'turn of the cards’ to establish averages. In respective fixtures names to be placed down on the result card at the start of the match in the order of merit based on the player’s ‘average’ positions within the team. Players to play the person occupying the same merit position on their opponent’s result card. When players names have been placed on the result card and play has commenced, if the situation arises where a selected team player does not arrive at the green by the time the last jack is available to start the final game of the match, then Rule 17 will apply. A player who has not achieved an average is placed at scratch. The home team captain has the choice of playing order.

18. A player not declared present but is selected with his name down on the result card to play, who has not arrived at the green when the last jack becomes available for the final game to commence, will be scratched and a substitute will take his place - in this situation the player's individual average / merit position will not apply. A player who is selected and who is present at the green shall not be substituted. If no substitute is available Rule 21 will apply.

19. The detailed result of each League match, signed by representative of each team, must be forwarded immediately by the home team captain or secretary to the League Secretary, at the very latest, it must be received by Friday noon following completion of the match. In cases where this rule is not strictly complied with the offending club or team will automatically be fined £2.00 for each occasion the result card is late. Alternatively, the home captain may use the website www.online-bowls.com selecting Over Wyre Bowling League to record the results of the match. Rules governing late results still apply.

20. Scoring to be 1 point per game, and 4 points for an away win, 2 points for a home win, 1 point for a home draw, and 3 points for an away draw.

21.  Neutral measurer’s decision to be final if players or captains cannot agree.

22.  In the event of a player receiving a walkover because the opposing team is a player short, the said player shall count 21-0 for the purpose of the match. For the purpose of the best average prize he shall be drawn against one of the first half players of the opposing team, this score will count in the player’s individual averages.

23. The minimum number of matches to qualify for the League Averages award to be 2 less than the possible maximum, with the average winner being the highest plus.

24. In the case of a tie for the Championship, runners up or relegation place of each division of the League, the final positions shall be decided on the basis of the team with the most games won. Failing this, in the event of a tie the individual aggregate difference will be the deciding factor, failing this the total number of chalks

25. Providing the size of a division is not reduced after the end of the season, the two teams occupying the bottom position in each division at the end of the season shall be relegated, and the two teams occupying the top positions in each division shall be promoted. Where a team joins or withdraws from the League before the preparation of the league fixtures, the League Secretary shall draft a suggested constitution taking into account the number of competing teams. This to be agreed or amended at the AGM. Nothing in this rule shall operate to prevent the AGM promoting or relegating more than two teams.

26. During a season a club member may play for either the A or B team. Once a player has played four matches in one team, he will not be allowed to transfer to the other team. No player will be allowed to transfer for the last four matches of the season. Players will have a separate average for each division. No player must play for more than one team in any one week, the week being Monday to Sunday. Nothing in this rule will apply for cup matches, or if both teams are in the same division

27. Fines for failing to give apologies for AGM or Presidents Day must be paid or a 5-point deduction will be implemented for each unpaid fine.




28. Clubs must be affiliated to the County Bowling Association and all players registered with the BCGBA.

29. If a cup match results in a draw, the reply must be played in reverse (i.e. the home team will now be away in the replay) at the earliest possible date agreeable to both captains and before the next round.

30. If two teams have the same home green and are drawn to play one another, the away handicap is null and void.

31. Players picked to play in the semi-final / final stages of cup competitions must have played a minimum of 4 League games.

32. In cup competitions the following regulations apply:

a.         Away teams receive 12 plus handicap (unless rule 28 applies)

b.         Each round is redrawn.

c.         Away teams receive jack plus 15 minutes’ practice.

d.         Opponents decided by turn of cards.

e.         New teams receive a +18 handicap

f.          Previous year’s winners of the Howarth Trophy have 12 deducted from handicap.

g.         Games will be played as drawn i.e. no neutral greens except finals.

h.         In Cup Finals - all players must be present when the draw is made.

i.          In cup Finals - players shall not play on the green during the previous seven days unless in an officially designated match or competition.

33. It is the responsibility of the home team captain to contact the away team captain within one week of each cup round played, to arrange a date of play for the next round. If the away team captain cannot be contacted, the home team captain must immediately notify the League Secretary. Failure to carry out the above procedure will result in the home team being scratched.

34. If the home team green is not available due to fixture congestion the Secretary must be notified of this fact by the home team captain and be advised of a day suitable to both teams for the game to be played. The Secretary will arrange a neutral green and his decision will be final. The away handicap will not apply. If mutual agreement cannot be reached upon a suitable date of play before the next round is due to be played both teams will be scratched.

35. Teams failing to supply a representative or give apologies 10 days before for the President’s Day competition will be fined £5.00

36. Teams or players not turning up to Presentation Night will not receive their prize or prize money


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