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  • League Rules


  • 1.     The Association to be known as the "Fylde Mens Amateur Bowling Association" and to be restricted to male bowlers living in the area covered by the boundaries of the North Lancs and Fylde County Bowling Association and for players eligible for county selection by such Association.
    All Fees to be reviewed at the Annual General Meeting each year. Those decided MUST be paid to the association Treasurer before the 31st March. Preferably payment can be made at the A.G.M. or when the handbooks are collected. Cheques should be payable to the "Fylde Amateur Bowling Association".

    2.     The affairs of the Association shall be governed by an Executive Council, to consist of one representative to be appointed annually by each club, with the Officers of the Association. No representative shall vote on any matter which may affect his own club affairs.
    3.     The Officers of the Association shall comprise Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Treasurer and five delegates who shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, to act as the Emergency Committee.
    4.     Any Fylde club desirous of being affiliated must be duly proposed and seconded and voted upon at the General Meeting, this also affects clubs who wish to be reinstated.
    5.    Any new club joining the Association, must submit a printed list of their members, wishing to play in the Association, to the Association Secretary on or before the 31st March for the coming season. This list should detail Christian Name, Surname & BCGBA Reg no. For all existing clubs in the Association, the list of registered players from the previous season will be automatically carried over to form their starting list of registered players for the coming season. There will be no requirement for existing clubs to forward a list of their registered members to the Association Secretary, unless they wish to do so. Any amendments to a clubs existing list of members can be made at any time by contacting the Association Secretary with details of members to be added or removed from the existing list. For league matches, and with exception to the last 4 games of the season, a team may field any player, even if they have not been registered with the Association Secretary, providing that:-

       I. They currently hold a valid BCGBA Registration Number.

       II. They are a member of the club.

       III. They have not played any other games for another club in the Association during the season.

    Any team in breach of the above will be deemed to have played an unregistered player.

    Any team playing an unregistered player shall:

       5.1 Incur an automatic fine of £5.00 for each unregistered person playing in a match. Any fine so imposed must be paid to the Association Treasurer within 7 days. or this will increase by a further £5.00 for each subsequent 7 days, or part thereof. If a fine remains unpaid for a period of 28 days, the Emergency Committee have the power to take such action as it deems necessary to discipline the offending club.

       5.2 Have the result of that particular game amended to 21-0 in favour of the non offending team.

       5.3 If the breach occurs in a League fixture; have 5 points deducted from their League total for the season. This to apply whether the player won or lost his game

    The Emergency Committee have the power to refuse the registration of any player, or cancel this where they deem it necessary, and their decision shall be final, without appeal at law or otherwise.
    6.    The Annual General Meeting and prize presentation evening should be held during early February each year. Notices of Motion for alteration of Rules and Bye-Laws of the Association, or the Team Cup Competition, must be received by the Secretary not later than 31 December each year. Such suggestions to be considered by the Emergency Committee, and they to bring forward a recommendation at the Annual General Meeting.
    7.     The Financial Year End of the Association be 30th September in each year. The Accounts to be audited and a copy of the Balance Sheet, together with the Agenda and Notice calling the General Meeting, shall be sent to each affiliated dub at least 7 days prior to the Annual Meeting. An account shall be opened at a local branch of an approved Bank or Building Society. All monies received shall be paid by the Association Treasurer into the Bank or Building Society, and he shall submit a Statement of Accounts at the Annual General Meeting and at any other time on request. All cheques shall be signed by two from the Secretary, Treasurer or Chairman.
    8.     A Special Meeting may be called on the requisition of not less than 3 clubs. The notice calling the meeting shall state the nature of the business, and none other shall be transacted.
    9.     No Rule or Bye-Law shall be altered, rescinded or added to without the consent of at least two-thirds of those teams present and voting at the Annual General Meeting, or at an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting convened as in Rule 8, for the specific purpose of amendment of these Rules or Bye-Laws.
    10.     Each club shall be furnished with a copy of the Rules and Bye-Laws of this Association and should be in possession of an up to date version of the Laws of the Game as adopted by the British Crown Green Bowling Association. The Emergency Committee shall have the power to deal with any infringement or offence of the Association Rules or Bye-Laws, or decide upon any complaint in connection with Association matters by any club or player. They shall also have the power as circumstances warrant, to either caution, fine, suspend for a specific period or expel any such club or player. If the offence is found to affect the result of a League match, the Emergency Committee may also deduct points up to a maximum of 10.
    11.     Any club protesting against another club or player shall do so by means of a resolution passed by the Committee of the club so protesting. Accompanying the protest a written statement of the facts relied upon shall be sent to the Association Secretary and at the same time a copy must be sent to the club protested against. A protest with regard to all matches must be made within 7 days of the match being played. The Emergency Committee shall have the power to report to the Council any infringement of these Rules coming to their notice for investigation.
    12.     During the last four scheduled weeks of the season, no player who has taken part in 8 matches may play for any other team, in the same or lower division, in a League or Cup Match. Even if the 8 match limitation has not been reached, a club shall not include recognised higher standard players in any other team with the object of obtaining an advantage over their opponents in the league or cup matches (See also Rule 4, in Rules of Team Cup Competition). Any teams playing an ineligible player shall be subject to the penalties laid down in Rule 5. The Secretary shall also be instructed to draw attention of the Emergency Committee to infringements of this Rule, and the Committee are empowered to take any further such steps as they deem necessary in accordance with Rule 10.
    13.     No player having played in one FABA League team shall play for any other differing FABA League team during the same "week". The "week" to be Monday to the following Sunday inclusive. A player shall not play for more than one club in the Association Competitions in one season, unless:

      13.1 His original club have withdrawn from the Association after the commencement of the season.

      13.2 Exceptionally, and only before 1st June, a club can apply to the league secretary, with a letter of agreement from the other club, to transfer a player who has played not more than three league matches for the other club.

    14.     All teams must play the league fixtures on Wednesday evenings in accordance with the official fixture list. No alteration to these dates, except as provided in Rule 20, shall take place without prior agreement from the Association Secretary. Any team wishing to re-arrange a match must first of all obtain permission from the Association Secretary to a re-arrangement, giving reasons for the request. Once permission has been granted the home captain should provide the opposing team with 3 alternative dates, at least 7 days prior to the first of these alternative dates. The dates provided must:   

      14.1 Be prior to the date specified in the fixture list and

      14.2 Be on at least 2 differing days of the week.

    The away team captain must agree to one of these three dates. The agreed date for play must then be notified by the home captain, to the Association Secretary, at least 24 hours before the agreed date. Any infringement of this rule, by either team, shall be punishable by an automatic fine of £5.00 and a deduction of 10 League points.
    Notwithstanding the above, matches scheduled for the final two Wednesdays of a season may not be rearranged, unless at least one month's notice is given by the team seeking rearrangement.
    15.     The number constituting each League Team in a match shall be 8 men. Each game shall be 21 up. 8 identical jacks, tested and stamped by Official Standard jack Makers or Testers in accordance with the British Crown Green Bowling Association Regulations, must be supplied for practice by both sides and 4 of these shall be used In the match.
      Members of the visiting team shall have the lead of the jack at the initial end and the visiting player shall have the choice of placing the footer within the meaning of Law 3.1 of the Game of Bowls. IMMEDIATELY a game is completed, another must be started WITHOUT DELAY by the home captain until all games are completed.
    16.     Matches to commence at 7.00pm, except during April and August when they shall commence at 6.30pm. Any matches during September will commence at 6:15pm. This latter time may be adjusted to commence earlier, or later if floodlights are available, subject to the agreement of the visiting captain. Visiting teams to be allowed 15 minutes practice immediately preceding the commencement of the match, with exclusive use of the green during this period. No player may practice on an opponent's green on the day of a League or Cup match, unless in a designated match or competition, or unless he is a bona fide member of a club which also has usage of the green concerned.
    17.     The detailed result of each League match, signed by a representative of each competing team, must be forwarded immediately by a representative from the home team to the Association Secretary. It must be received by the Association Secretary, at the very latest, by 12 noon on the Saturday morning following completion of the match. Match results may be submitted electronically, via the website/email and or by post. In the event where a result is submitted electronically and not by post it is the responsibility of the home team captain to retain a copy of the actual result card, until the end of season, in case of any disputes. A card in-correctly or inadequately completed will result in a £5 fine being imposed on BOTH teams. A £5 fine will be levied on the home club for late cards. Any fines incurred under this Rule will also be subject to the conditions laid down in Rule 5.1 where non payment of such fine occurs.
    18.     The championship shall go to the team obtaining the greatest number of points.
    Matches to be decided on the points progress system; one point shall be given for each individual win, three points shall be given to the visiting team if they secure the best aggregate at the end of the game, and two points shall be given to the home team if they secure the best aggregate at the end of the game. Maximum points to be collected are eleven points by the visiting team and ten points by the home team. If there is a tie on the aggregate score the visiting team shall receive two points and the home team one point.
    In the case of a tie, League positions will be decided as follows:-
        1.     The team with the most games won
        2.     The team with the most games drawn
        3.     The team with the highest individual aggregate difference
        4.     Greatest number of points in games between the teams concerned.
        5.     Better aggregate points difference in games between the teams concerned.
      In the unlikely event of the teams still being level, a play-off will take place between the teams concerned.
    19.     Providing the size of a division is not reduced after the fixtures have been prepared, the two clubs occupying the bottom positions in each division at the end of the season shall be relegated, and the two clubs occupying the top positions in each division be promoted. Where a team withdraws subsequent to the preparation of the fixtures, the Association Secretary shall draft a suggested constitution taking into the account the subsequent reduction in competing teams. This to be agreed, or amended, by the Executive Committee at the Annual General Meeting. Nothing in this rule shall operate to prevent the A.G.M. promoting or relegating more than two clubs if they wish to do so.
    20.    In the case of inclement weather, or other unforeseen cause, interfering with a match, the two captains shall decide whether conditions are such as that the match can be completed. If both captains agree on postponement, or are unable to agree that conditions are suitable, they must confer IMMEDIATELY to reach agreement on a revised date.
    At the time of postponement, the home captain should offer the away captain three alternative dates for play. The dates provided must:

      20.1 Be within 28 days of the postponed fixture, and prior to the date of the last scheduled match of the season.

      20.2 Be on at least two differing days of the week

    The away captain must agree, within 24 hours of the postponed fixture, to one of these dates.
    The agreed date of play must be notified, by BOTH captains to the Association Secretary, and this notification must be received by the Secretary WITHIN 48 hours of the original postponement. Any infringement of this Rule by either team, shall be punishable by an automatic fine of £5.00, followed by implementation of the conditions laid down in League Rule 5.1.

    In the unlikely event where both team captains cannot agree on a date then the fixture WILL be played on the 1st Sunday after 28 days since the postponed fixture or the 1st Sunday prior to the date of the last scheduled match of the season, which ever is earlier. Any team failing to attend will forfeit the match to the opposing team and have 10 league points deducted.
    In the event where the last game of the season is postponed due to inclement weather then the season will be extended by one extra week to allow this fixture to be played.

    21.     Prizes shall be awarded to the Merit winner and runner-up of each Division. These shall be determined by the number of games won in league matches, for a particular team, by each player. Matches played in another team cannot be included towards a merit prize. If the games won are identical, the prize shall be awarded to the player having the highest points difference in that team to his credit. If there is still a tie, then prizes shall be awarded to each player so tieing.
    The Association Secretary shall determine the winner of each merit prize. Claims are not required, but may be presented by a captain within 7 days of the completion of the season's League Fixtures if they so wish.
    22.     In the event of a player having a walkover or where it is subsequently found that a player has played an ineligible player, then said player shall count 21-0 for the purpose of the match. For the purpose of his individual aggregate, the player present is deemed to have won 21-11
    23.     The Home Captain shall list his players 1 to 8 on his match team sheet, in the order of preference that he wishes them to play their match. Without reference to the match team sheet, the Away Captain shall hand a list of his players to the Home Captain, numbered 1 to 8, in the order of preference that he wishes his players to play. The lists shall be paired, the match team sheet completed by the Home Captain and the games shall be played in that order from which there shall be no deviation. Any player absent when called to play must be replaced by a reserve and shall not thereafter play in the match.
    24.     Each competition game shall be marked by an official marker of each club. In the event of a score-card error which cannot be agreed by markers or respective captains, the score shall revert to the end where both markers show the score to have been agreed as correct. An official score card received by the Association Secretary and signed by the captain or any other person delegated by the captain of each competing team will be deemed undisputed proof of final score of the match.
    25.     The Club winning the Division One League Championship shall hold the Bickerstaffe Trophy; the club winning the Division Two Championship, the Founders Shield; the club winning the Division Three Championship the Briggs Shield; the club winning the Division Four Championship the Iddon Rose Bowl; the club winning Division Five, the Division Five Shield, the club winning Division Six, the Division Six Shield, the club winning Division Seven, the Division Seven Trophy for the ensuing twelve months.

    The champions of each division will in addition, receive a prize for a minimum of £60 and the runners up in each division shall receive a prize for a minimum of £35.

    The club winning the Fylde Team Cup Competition shall hold the Teams Cup Competition Trophy.

    All clubs holding any of the Association trophies shall be responsible to return the same in good condition to the Association Secretary or Executive Committee no later than the 15th September. Any trophies not returned by this date shall be subject to a fine of £1.00 for each day they remain overdue.
    26.     All league and individual prizes must be collected at the Annual General Meeting, or other evening set aside for this purpose. Prizes will be forfeited unless attendance is not possible due to illness or other acceptable reason. Such reason must be notified to the Secretary prior to the commencement of the presentation evening.
    27.     All the property of the Association shall be vested in the Emergency Committee at the time being, who shall hold the same upon trust for the league.
      In the event of the Association being disbanded through any cause whatever, the Emergency Committee for the time being shall take charge of all Shields, Cups, Prizes etc.
    The Shields, Trophies, Cups and Prizes should be insured in the name of the Association.
    28.     Any club or player failing to comply with the above Rules, and requirements therein laid down will be liable to be fined, or such other penalty imposed as may be decided upon by the Emergency Committee, In the event of any club or player failing to comply with the ruling of the Emergency Committee, that club or player will be liable to be expelled from the Association.
    29.     No variation to the dates or venues of matches as laid down by the official Fixture Book will be permissible without reference to the League Secretary.

    1.     Open only to clubs of the FYLDE MEN'S AMATEUR BOWLING ASSOCIATION.

    2.     Teams to be drawn in pairs; Match on green of first team drawn of each pair, except semi-finals and final; venue of these to be fixed by Emergency Committee on neutral greens.

    3.     Players eligible for the League are eligible for this competition, but a player must not play for more than one cup team during the same year.

    4.     All teams shall consist ONLY of players who have taken part in a League fixture for that Team, prior to the cup game being played. This rule shall apply only to the 2nd and subsequent rounds of the cup competition. (See also Rule 12 in Rules and Bye-Laws).

    5.     All ties must be played on the Monday night specified in the League Handbook. The only exceptions to this are those specified in 5.1 and 5.2 below.

      5.1 If the green of the home team is not available on the prescribed date, due to a pre-laid down League Match or Cup Tie, of this or another League, the two captains should endeavour to agree a mutually acceptable date for the playing of the tie. Due to the numerous local Leagues taking place on most other nights, any such date should be with the mutual consent of both teams.

      5.2 If the two teams cannot mutually agree to a revised date, the tie must take place on the following Sunday evening. Both teams must be prepared to accept this amendment.

      5.3 In any event the tie must be played prior to the date of the next scheduled round.

      5.4 If inclement weather causes postponement from the original date, the conditions laid down in 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 apply.

      5.5 Unavailability of players will not be accepted as a reason f the non completition of ties at the times shown above. A team not complying with the above will automatically be withdrawn from the competition.

    6.     Players to be handicapped as per table below; handicap points to be placed on score cards at BEGINNING of each game; games to be 21 up; and a practice to be allowed as in league rules, away team to have first throw of jack. Note: In the event where both teams play on the same green, or both teams are playing on a neutral green, then the handicap will be determined by the highest division team v the lower division team, irrespective of which team comes out first in the draw. If both teams are in the same division then they will play off scratch.
    Div 1 Div 1 2 Away Level
    Div 1 Div 2 3 Away 1 Div 2
    Div 1 Div 3 4 Away 2 Div 3
    Div 1 Div 4 5 Away 3 Div 4
    Div 1 Div 5 6 Away 4 Div 5
    Div 1 Div 6 7 Away 5 Div 6
    Div 2 Div 1 1 Away 1 Div 2
    Div 2 Div 2 2 Away Level
    Div 2 Div 3 3 Away 1 Div 3
    Div 2 Div 4 4 Away 2 Div 4
    Div 2 Div 5 5 Away 3 Div 5
    Div 2 Div 6 6 Away 4 Div 6
    Div 3 Div 1 level 2 Div 3
    Div 3 Div 2 1 Away 1 Div 3
    Div 3 Div 3 2 Away Level
    Div 3 Div 4 3 Away 1 Div 4
    Div 3 Div 5 4 Away 2 Div 5
    Div 3 Div 6 5 Away 3 Div 6
    Div 4 Div 1 1 Home 3 Div 4
    Div 4 Div 2 Level 2 Div 4
    Div 4 Div 3 1 Away 1 Div 4
    Div 4 Div 4 2 Away Level
    Div 4 Div 5 3 Away 1 Div 5
    Div 4 Div 6 4 Away 2 Div 6
    Div 5 Div 1 2 Home 4 Div 5
    Div 5 Div 2 1 Home 3 Div 5
    Div 5 Div 3 Level 2 Div 5
    Div 5 Div 4 1 Away 1 Div 5
    Div 5 Div 5 2 Away Level
    Div 5 Div 6 3 Away 1 Div 6
    Div 6 Div 1 3 Home 5 Div 6
    Div 6 Div 2 2 Home 4 Div 6
    Div 6 Div 3 1 Home 3 Div 6
    Div 6 Div 4 Level 2 Div 6
    Div 6 Div 5 1 Away 1 Div 6
    Div 6 Div 6 2 Away Level

    7.    A team entering the competition for the first time shall be allocated a Division One handicap for the first year of entry, unless due to the known standard of the team it is determined otherwise by the Emergency Committee.
    After the first season a team allocated a Division One handicap shall retain this until such time as it fails to gain promotion within its respective division.

    8.     Winning team to hold the Cup for twelve months, which must be returned to the Association when requested. The winning team, runner-up and semi-finalists to receive prizes.

    9.     In the event of a player being absent from a Cup match the game shall be awarded 21-0 to his opponent. No handicap score shall be credited to the absent player. Any team playing an unregistered player in a Cup Tie will be subject to the penalties detailed in League Rule 5.

    10.     The winning side in all rounds shall be determined on total aggregate score alone.

    11.     A tie shall be replayed within 7 days on green of visiting club, handicap allowance altered accordingly. if a tie in replay, the second replay to be on a neutral green to be decided by the Emergency Committee, with the handicap as per Rule 6.

    12.     The Laws of the Game as adopted by the B.C.G.B.A. and the Rules of the F.A.B.A. to apply to this Competition on all points not specifically covered by these Rules, and the Emergency Committee of the F.A.B.A. are empowered to adjudicate upon all matters of dispute in connection with the competition.

    13.     The order of play in the qualifying rounds, prior to the semi-finals, shall be determined as in League Rules 23. In the semi-finals and final:

      13.1 The nearest team to the venue to have first practice between 6.30 and 6.40pm, the furthest team from the venue to have second practice between 6.40 and 6.50pm.

      13.2 The team practising first to lead Blocks one, three, five and seven in the match. The team practising second lead Blocks two, four, six and eight in the match.

      13.3 Each captain must submit the name of his 8 players to the designated officials, prior to the draw taking place. All games must be played in the order in which they are drawn by the officials. If a player is not present when called, a reserve must be substituted by that team immediately. The reserve cannot be a player already drawn to play in a subsequent game in the match. If a player is not present when called and no reserve is immediately available the game will be forfeited by that team. 21 points shall be awarded to the opposing player. No handicap score shall be credited to the absent player.

    14.     Any team not fulfilling an advertised Cup match, and not giving a maximum of three days notice of their intentions, will be fined a sum £10.
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